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Music carries a power that our words rarely do.  There's something about music that engages us on an emotional level, sometimes just a single note can cause a tsunami wave of emotions to come rushing over us.  We don't believe this was an accident.  Our God is both musical and emotional and we were made in His image.  God surrounds Himself with sounds and music.  He is sung over and He sings over us.  He made us in such a way that music would play an important role in how we worship Him and how we encounter Him.  This is why we do what we do. This is why we released Abide, a series of instrumental tracks created to help you engage with God.

Every few months we'll release a new instrumental track which you can use in your personal prayer time, for meditating on the bible, for background music whilst you work, or when you need a few minute break to re-connect with God's heart.


August 2018

Also available on YouTube and will be available to stream or download from 27th August