About us

There's an incredible privilege in leading people in worship.  In its purest form, worship is a response to the worth of God and so to lead a room of people in a corporate expression of what is a very personal experience is a beautiful responsibility which we count as a honour to get to play our part in.

We've been leading worship together, in one form or another, since 2002; in small groups, churches, with friends,  and most recently in the house of prayer here in Manchester.  Our heart is that through the music we write, sing, release, and lead, we are connecting people to the heart of God, that we all might see Him for who He is and grow in intimate connection with the one who hung the stars in the sky and who has our names written on the palm of His hand.

As well as our heart for worship, in fact hand in hand with it, we have a desire to see a place of permanent night and day prayer established in our city.   In 2010 we stepped away from the security of "regular" employment and started Manchester House of Prayer which has been the most challenging and rewarding faith journey.  As Intercessory Missionaries we have a team of financial partners who love our vision and whose giving enables us to do all that the Lord calls us to do.  If you would like to partner with us head here.  You can find out more about MHOP here.  

Finally, but probably most importantly, we've been married since 2004, have 4 phenomenal children and (at time of writing) one hamster. 

Photography by Mark Holland