God is Sovereign

I had the privilege of preaching at one of my favourite churches, Mount Chapel in Salford, this Sunday. I was given John 11 as my topic, which is mostly the story of Lazarus with a bit about plotting to kill Jesus afterwards.  As I was planning the Lord began to speak to me about His sovereignty, but not in the context of Him raising a man from the dead (which is a pretty clear demonstration of His sovereignty!) but through His ability to speak, confirm and outwork His word through even those who were plotting to kill Him.

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Michael Ball
Unlocking fresh desire for the Word

One of my favourite things that we do at MHOP is worship with the word, where we take a scripture and sing it together. Often, this simple act of taking God’s word and singing it back to Him, leads to some significant moments of revelation of the heart and character of God.  And yet our approach to reading the word is often one of either duty or desperation; we either feel obliged to read the bible because “that’s what good christians do” or we find ourselves in a hopeless situation, with nowhere else to turn, so we look for comfort in His word.  There are two simple keys that will help unlock in you a fresh desire to study the word that will draw you closer to His heart and help you fall more in love with Him.

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